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5 Overlooked But Handy Cleaning Tools Everyone Should Try
May 23, 2022

Most homeowners seem to have everything worked out for their house cleaning. However, there’s still room for exciting improvements, like using…

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How To Wash Your Microfiber Cloths (So They Last Longer!)
May 9, 2022

One of the best cleaning tools is also the softest when cleaning spills and wiping surfaces. Microfiber cloths are handy rags…

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5 Unhelpful Mindsets Making House Cleaning More Challenging
April 25, 2022

Some ideas of what counts as successful cleaning make housework more challenging. Here are five examples of mindsets and expectations you…

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How to Clean Different Types of Floors
April 19, 2022

Hi! I’m Alex and I work for Emily’s Maids of Dallas, a cleaning company in Dallas, TX. I’m so excited to…

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Although the above tasks are weekly, some aspects may require daily cleaning. Such chores will include: Take out the trash. Do the dishes. Unload the dishwashers. Make the beds. Sweep the kitchen floors. Wipe the kitchen counters. Pick up the laundry. The bottom line: A weekly cleaning schedule that's quick and easy You can make it a habit if you do these tasks every day at a specific time. Shop for cleaning supplies and ensure that you have the necessary tools to ease the process. In all you do, remember to consider your unique cleaning needs.
A Weekly Cleaning Schedule That’s Quick & Easy
April 11, 2022

Use our simple weekly cleaning routine to keep your home in tip-top-shape. There’s something to do everyday of the week.

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Independent Cleaners Vs. Cleaning Companies: Which To Choose?
April 11, 2022

Most homeowners currently hiring services started like this: first, they realized they needed help with the chores. Then, they found out…

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No More Rashes! 6 Skin-friendly Tips To Clean Your Home
March 28, 2022

If you’ve ever had a rash or cracked skin while doing chores, you should take extra precautions. Fortunately, we have six…

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4 Alternatives To White Vinegar For Your Cleaning Chores
March 14, 2022

Usually, vinegar is an eco-friendly substitute for commercial cleaning products.  However, there are many reasons why someone might need to skip…

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5 Common Errors That Can Break Your Vacuum Cleaner
February 28, 2022

If you have replaced your vacuum cleaner often, chances are you’re doing something wrong. Luckily, we’ll show you five mistakes to…

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7 Dust Prevention Tips For Your Home
February 14, 2022

If your house looks like it receives an endless supply of dust and, no matter how much you clean, it comes…

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