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We'd love to help you in your search to schedule a cleaning for your beach rental or home in Wilmington, NC.


  • Will I get the same cleaners every time?

    We want to build a friendly, professional relationship with you. That's why when you book a regular clean we always send the same cleaning professionals to your home. If your assigned team members schedule a vacation or get sick on a day that conflicts with your scheduled cleaning, you will be notified and another skilled team will complete your cleaning (unless requested otherwise).

  • What time will my cleaners arrive?

    When you book your clean you get to choose a 1-hour window that fits your schedule. We guarantee that our cleaners will arrive within that window or you get to take advantage of Eloise's Cleaning Services Punctual Guarantee . When you book your clean you get to choose a 1-hour window that fits your schedule. We guarantee that our cleaners will arrive within that window or you get to take advantage of Eloise's Cleaning Services Punctual Guarantee.. If you do not need a 1-hour window and can have your cleaning anytime during business hours, then put this information in your Special Notes when booking.

  • What is your Cancellation Policy?

    You can cancel or reschedule your scheduled booking any time outside a 48 hour window prior to your service. Your scheduled cleaning is important to us and our teams make special arrangements to ensure we arrive on time and no other customer can book your reserved spot.

    Once your booking is confirmed you have reserved a spot on our calendar, which our team(s) depend on. When a booking is cancelled or rescheduled, for any reason, within 48 hours of the scheduled service there will be a $50 fee.

  • What is your Lockout Policy?

    If our team members arrive to your scheduled service and are unable to access the property, for any reason, then you will be charged 50% of your scheduled service.

  • Can I skip a recurring cleaning?

    We love rewarding loyal customers. All recurring customers receive a percentage off our Initial Standard Cleaning rate for their patronage.

    Weekly - 25% off

    Bi-weekly - 20% off

    Monthly - 5% off

    Life happens and we understand if you ever need to skip one of your recurring cleanings. The amount of time it takes to clean a property directly relates to the amount of time passed between cleanings. When a recurring cleaning is skipped additional time will be necessary to complete the cleaning and return your home to our standard. All recurring cleanings will be charged at the rate relevant to the time passed. Skipped monthly cleanings will be charged at the Initial Cleaning rate. Skipped bi-weekly cleanings will be charged at the Monthly rate. Skipped weekly cleanings will be charged at the bi-weekly cleaning rate.

  • Do I need to be home for my scheduled cleaning?

    No, you should be out enjoying all your new free time. We do suggest that you are present for the initial clean to show us around the property and any areas you'd like us to focus on, but we understand that isn't always possible.

  • What are your core values?

    Demonstrate Discipline: We're early, we behave professionally and we follow simple cleaning systems to effectively and efficiently satisfy your needs.
    Constantly Improve: We follow the Japanese Kaizen theory.
    Radical Transparency: We communicate every step of the way during our services. You will be aware of our policies, pricing and cleaning status at all times.
    Enjoy Life: Smile, be respectful and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done. The result is always a smile on your face.

  • Eloise's Cleaning Services 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    Let us know if our team ever missed a spot, within 24 hours of your cleaning, and we will happily come back to your residence, within 3 days, to re-clean any area that you are unsatisfied with. If you still aren't satisfied, then you will get your money back. No questions asked.

  • Eloise's Cleaning Services Punctual Guarantee

    We arrive within the 1-hour window you scheduled or you receive 10% off your next cleaning.


  • Do you offer free inhome estimates?

    We will do you one better. You can get an estimate online without having to go through the inconvenience of scheduling an appointment. Click here for a free estimate.

  • Do you offer a military discount?

    Absolutely. You have made many sacrifices to protect our rights. Use our one-time code: america to get $20 off your cleaning. Thank you so much for your service.

  • Do you offer a referral program?

    Absolutely! We love to reward our loyal customers. Refer a friend and you each will get 10% off.


  • What services do you offer?

    We like to keep things simple. So we offer 3 cleaning services:
    1. Standard Residential/Rental Clean - This is a lighter clean that still covers all the important areas of your home. We designed one to cater to specific vacation rental needs, but they're both perfect for regularly scheduled cleanings.
    2. Deep Clean - This is a very detailed clean that we recommend booking as your first clean or if your home has not been professionally cleaned in the last 90 days. With this service, we will get your home up to our high standard and maintain it with our scheduled, standard cleanings.
    3. Move In/Move Out - This clean is specifically designed for one of the most stresful times in life, moving. It is similar to the deep clean, but we detail the interior/exterior of all cabinets and appliances. Book now and let us take some weight off your shoulders.

  • What's included in a cleaning?

    Select the Service tab at the top of the page and take a peak at our cleaning checklist. Don’t see something you need? Feel free to contact us or leave notes in your account after checkout for special requests.

  • How many cleaners will you send to my cleaning?

    We typically send a team of 2, but it varies depending on the size of your home and the current condition

  • Can I request a specific cleaning team?

    You are welcome to tryout multiple cleaning teams to find your favorite match. Please leave a comment in the notes section when booking and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

  • Do you provide all the cleaning supplies?

    Yes, our cleaning teams know the best products and how to use them. They come completely equipped to knock out their cleaning checklists that will make your home sparkle. However, we're happy to use any specialty products you may prefer (customer provided).

  • What if my home is particularly dirty?

    Our Deep/Move-in/out Cleaning Services, which are based on an hourly rate, will cover any extra dirt that exceeds our expectations. Our flat-rate services are based on the assumption that your home meets a reasonable level of cleanliness. If your home is dirtier than average and requires more time and attention, then our Heavy Duty Fee may be assessed.

  • Do I have to clean before you come?

    We do the actual “cleaning” – scrubbing, dusting, wiping, washing, etc., as part of our scope of service, but we clean best if your house is in order before we arrive. By tidying and organizing before our appointment you lessen the risk something important will be misplaced, like a child’s favorite doll or an important piece of mail. We understand that sometimes life gets out of control and the house becomes a casualty. If you do need us to pick up large amounts of scattered toys that need to be put away, wash and dry a sink full of dirty dishes, and pick up several weeks’ worth of dirty laundry from the floor, we will be happy to do it, but there is an extra charge for excessive clutter.

  • Can you clean high ceilings?

    We can clean anything that is in reach of a 2-foot step ladder and an extender pole. Anything beyond that is not covered by our insurance.

  • Do you wash dishes?

    We will be happy to rinse and place dishes left from your breakfast the morning of your cleaning into your dishwasher. We do charge extra for sinks more than half filled with dishes, pots and pans.

  • Do you wash walls?

    Cleaning walls and paneled vertical surfaces are not part of our standard cleaning procedure because we will not be able to make them look new. The end result could lead to paint being removed, or walls that look spotty or streaked. If there is a spill or splatter around the trash can or toilet area, our cleaning professionals will spot clean those areas.

  • What about clutter?

    Please put important items and papers away, pick up, file and generally tidy up so our team members can do our job well. If things are left out it will be harder for us to clean surfaces, and you definitely don’t want to risk us putting things where you may have a hard time finding them later.

  • How do you clean electronics?

    We will clean everything but the screens of electronics. Since the displays of flat screen televisions, and computers of any kind are fragile, and cleaning recommendations vary by brand, we will leave that to you. We will very lightly dust electric and electronic cords, but reserve the right to skip areas with lots of cords to avert the potential disaster of loosening something important. If you would prefer we not clean your computer area at all, please let us know.

  • Is there anything you can’t clean?

    To ensure the safety of our professionals we cannot perform the following: cleaning that requires climbing on ladders, pet waste removal, heavy or black mold, deep stain removal, cleaning of blood or feces, insect and pest removal and items that require heavy lifting.

Hourly Cleaning

  • Can you explain the hourly cleaning option?

    This service protects you, the homeowner from a flat fee that might be overestimated. Everyone’s home needs a different amount of attention. This service allows us to charge a fair rate and allows you to customize your cleaning to fit your needs.

  • What is a labor hour?

    A labor hour equals 1 hour per each cleaner. So, 2 cleaners working a job for 2 hours would equal 4 man hours. Simply multiply the amount of cleaners by the hours they were in your home: 2 cleaners x 2 hours cleaning = 4 man hours.

  • Does my home need to be empty for your Move-in/out Cleaning Services?

    Yes. We like to work with your budget in mind. To avoid working around clutter, movers, and other distractions that slow our teams down, we ask that our cleaning teams are the last people in the home before it is turned over to your property manager or real estate agent. For more details please read our terms of service.

  • What if I underestimate the hours I need for my cleaning?

    Unless otherwise specified, our team will continue to clean until the home meets our high standards. We will then adjust the pricing to match the total labor hours our team spent making your home sparkle.

  • How many hours will it take to deep clean my home?

    It all depends on the current condition of your home. A good rule of thumb is that it typically takes us 1 man hour to complete 250 sq. ft. of cleaning.

    Use this equation to determine the amount of hours you need: # of sq. ft. in your home divided by 250. (#sq. ft./250)

  • Am I able to customize items on the checklist?

    Yes. We will complete everything on our checklist, unless you request otherwise. Just leave your requests in the “special Instructions” section or contact us.

  • What if I overestimate the hours I need for my cleaning?

    Not a problem at all. We will only charge your card for the amount of hours we cleaned, NOT the amount of hours you reserved.

  • What is the minimum amount of hours I can schedule?

    Anything less than 4 labor hours makes it difficult for us to accomplish a noticeable amount of work on our checklists.

  • How are my hours tracked?

    We use a high-tech, tracking software that is attached to each of our cleaners personal phones. That way we know exactly when the cleaner arrives to your address and when they depart.

Trust Eloise's Cleaning Services

  • Are your cleaners insured?

    We are insured through Erie Insurance with a comprehensive policy that protects you from blundering brooms. This policy ensures total peace of mind if any accidents were to happen during our service.

  • What is your hiring process?

    Our trusted staff go through a 12-step vetting process that continues beyond the day they become a part of our family. From the initial phone interview to the continued customer feedback monitoring, we ensure that each professional is experienced, reliable and friendly. Our full process is located on our home page.

  • What happens if something goes wrong during my cleaning?

    We understand that accidents do happen and we will always do our best to make it right. We will notify you as soon as it happens and you will be properly compensated for any property damage that our professionals may cause.

  • Do I have to sign a contract?

    Absolutely not. We have designed an automated cleaning service to subtract stress from your life. No contracts means you have the freedom to cancel our services anytime that we stop meeting your needs.

  • Is my billing information secure?

    Our payment processor is provided by FullSteam. Their systems are SSL-encrypted and Level-1 PCL compliant which provides your important information with the best security.

Booking & Payments

  • How do I book my first appointment?

    We've made booking your cleaning as simple as calling an Uber.
    1. Fill out our booking form
    2. Select a date and time that fits your schedule
    3. Sit back and relax
    You'll receive an email confirmation instantly.

  • What if I don't want to book online?

    That is perfectly fine. Contact us and we can figure out a booking that works best for you. We love to connect with our customers.

  • Am I able to edit or cancel my booking?

    Yes, simply contact us up to 48 hours before your scheduled cleaning and we'll be happy to take care of it for you. You can still cancel within 48 hours, however, we do charge a $50 cancellation fee.

  • Do I have to enter my card information to book a cleaning?

    Yes, but your card will not be charged until after the cleaning is completed.

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