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Our Terms of Service

Eloise Cleans Terms of Service

Terms and Conditions

Thank you for booking with Eloise’s Cleaning Services! Please take a second to review the terms below. We’re looking forward to providing you with excellent service.

Labor Hour

A labor hour is defined as one hour of labor performed by one cleaning professional. Example: 6 LABOR HOURS. If the fee is $36 per labor hour, and a team of 2 completes the job in three hours, that would be $216 total. The same is true if a single cleaner completes the job in 6 hours, the fee is still $144. In both examples, 6 labor hours were completed. Having 2 cleaners or 1 cleaner DOES NOT affect the final price, only the time occupying your home. There is a 3 labor hour minimum for any job. Billable time may include loading and unloading supplies & equipment from a vehicle. If you have any questions regarding labor hours or billing procedures please call the office prior to your scheduled cleaning.

Cleaning time limit*

A time limit is defined as the maximum amount of time pre-approved for cleaners to work, stated in man hours (see above.) Because we quote one-time jobs, sight unseen your cleaning could take more than the estimated maximum approved time budgeted for your cleaning. Please note that cleaners will not go over your time limit without your approval, so keep your phone on you! If we try to call for an extension, due to condition or other circumstances and are unable to reach you the cleaners will have to stop at the max budgeted time, even if the job is not finished in order to respect your price limit. For flat fee jobs, if the condition of the home requires more extensive cleaning than what average cleaning standards require, your cleaner may propose a new flat fee in order to perform the service to completion.

If you request less time than the recommended estimate

The estimates we provide are based on average industry times for your sq ft or rooms. If you opt for less cleaning time than what we recommend, by booking hourly service instead of the flat fee, the cleaners may not be able to get to everything. They will work off your list of priorities and get as far down the list as possible.

48 Hour Cancellation/Reschedule*

Cancellations require 48 hours advance notice to avoid a $25 cancellation fee. Please consider how late cancellations may negatively impact the cleaning professionals earning potential for the day. Without enough notice, it’s difficult for us to find replacement cleanings.

Unable to Access*

Please ensure cleaners have full access to the premises on the day of your scheduled cleaning (this includes access to running water and electricity, being able to complete the job without interruption from other service providers in the home, and beloved pets are not in the way of the cleaning, etc). In the event they arrive for your scheduled cleaning and find themselves unable to access the home or unable to clean, there will be a $50 fee for the time and travel. The cleaning time begins once cleaners arrive. Any wait time will be included in the billable time.

Final Walk-thru

For one time cleanings, we recommend that you meet the cleaners in the home at the end of the cleaning to do a final walk through. In this walkthrough, you can make sure that everything has been completed to your liking, and if additional time is needed then you can give that permission at that time. If you can not do a final walk through, cleaners may not have the opportunity to adjust or correct items of concern in a timely manner which is not ideal for time-sensitive cleanings (cleaning before a party, cleaning before a landlord’s final walk thru, etc). For hourly service, job fees are calculated based on cleaning time expended; therefore we have a no refund policy. If you find that more cleaning is needed, we can easily schedule more cleaning time. Please note that if you are not satisfied with your cleaning, the first step is to request a revisit with your cleaning professional to allow them the opportunity to learn and address your concerns. Our cleaning professionals take pride in their work and customer satisfaction.


Discounts are not able to be combined.


Due at the time of service rendered. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Credit cards on file will be charged by our staff. You will receive a receipt the business day after your cleaning via email.


Eloise’s Cleaning Services does not accept possession of your house key and will not be able to track it or retrieve it from your cleaning professional. We can relay any instructions on the method of entry. If you have a lock box on site, please provide the code for your client file notes.

Uncontrollable natural events

Please keep in mind that residential cleaning has some unpredictable circumstances such as vehicle accidents on the road or health emergencies with the cleaning individual that may lead to last-minute rescheduling in rare instances. It may be best to schedule your cleanings in advance of having an event or turning over a property. We are not responsible for any outcomes resulting from an emergency reschedule due to the cleaner’s inability to work.

Right to Refuse Service

We reserve the right to refuse service for any reason. Some reasons may include: property or condition of the home is not as described by the client, cleaning job requested not as described by the client, cleaners feeling uncomfortable with the job site, client or pets. Please keep aggressive or overly friendly pets in a safe area.

Right to Reschedule

In order to respect all clients’ schedule, if your cleaning requires much more time than discussed, we reserve the right to schedule the additional cleaning time for a different day.

Move-in/out Cleaning Condition

Clutter, service providers, boxes, furniture, pets, and other personal items slow down our cleaning professionals from completing their jobs. For our Move-in/out cleaning services, we require that all homes or properties be completely empty and that we are the last service provider to have access to the property. This helps our teams to be more efficient, therefore saving you money. Additionally, electricity and water must be turned on upon our arrival. If our team arrives to your property and the above items are present, then we will charge a $50.00 fee and have to reschedule the cleaning for when the home is empty.

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