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FAQs About Vacation Rentals

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Cleaning Scope

  • Do you have a cleaning checklist?

    Absolutely! You can find our Vacation Rental Cleaning Checklist by scrolling to the bottom of our Vacation Rental Home Page

  • Do you clean dishes?

    We request that all dishes be placed in the dishwasher, by the guests, before check-out and started. We will gladly empty the dishwasher. If this is not completed there is small additional fee for completing this task to ensure next guests are happy.

  • Do you organize and stage everything?

    All rooms will be professionally staged, in an aesthetically pleasing manner, for each guest. However, organizing interiors of cabinets, closets, or other spaces is not a part of our services.

  • Do you report damage caused by the guests?

    When you hire Eloise’s Cleaning, you are hiring more than a cleaning service - we become the eyes and ears for your property. Although we cannot guarantee that all small issues will be reported we will do our best to report anything out of the ordinary. Tattle-tailing on guests is our specialty.

  • Can you restock my owner’s closets?

    Yes! We will let you know when items start to run low. You can ship your replacement items to your property and our team will restock the owner’s closet at the next cleaning.

  • Will the rate be the same if my guests book long-term (longer than 1 month)?

    The longer the guest stays at the property the more time passes without it being professionally cleaned. This typically means the property will need more time and attention to properly clean. For this reason, the rate may be increased.

  • Do you charge an additional fee for pets?

    Yes, we do charge an additional $10 each cleaning for units that allow pets to accommodate for extra time cleaning floors where our furry friends have tracked in dirt or shedding. We recommend charging a deposit to cover potential damages pets may cause to property or floors.


  • Do you offer linen services?

    Yes, we offer 2 linen service options. Each service is charged per bed size.

    Option 1: Linen Rental Service (only available for beach properties) All linens are provided and will be placed at the foot of each bed in a plastic, seal-wrapped bag. Beds will be made with just the comforter. Linen bag will be provided for guests and the dirty linens will be removed from property to be cleaned.

    Option 2: On-site Linen Service All linens are washed, dried and folded with the washer/dryer on-site and then stored in the owners/linen closet once laundry cycle is complete. Towels will be staged and beds will be fully made by our teams with your provided second set of linens.

    For pricing information or to set up linen services, please give us a ring at (910) 726-3000.

  • How many sets of linens do I need to provide?

    If you choose our Linen Rental Service, then we will provide all linens.

    If you choose our On-site Linen Service, then 2 sets are required, but 3 is recommended.

  • What linens are covered in the services?

    Fitted sheets, flat sheets, pillowcases, washcloths, bath towels and kitchen hand towels are the only items cleaned in each of our linen services.

  • What do you do with the comforters and other non-linen items?

    Comforters/duvets, blankets, mattress pads, bathmats, beach towels, decorative pillows and other items, that we do not considered linens, are washed off-site, on an as-needed basis for an additional cost. We recommend that you provide an extra set of these items for emergency situations when they are stained or damaged by guests. These should be scheduled to be professionally cleaned on a bi-annual basis.

  • How much will it cost to have non-linen items cleaned?

    Upon request, our team will take non-linen items to the closest laundry service to have your items professionally cleaned and then returned to your property at the next cleaning. Costs may vary depending on location and weight of the items cleaned. On average it costs $1.00 per lb + a $30 service fee.

  • Can you service a property with a public washer/dryer?

    With public washer/dryers, there is no guarantee that a machine will be available during the timeframe needed to complete the cleaning. For efficiency purposes we are unable to service properties that do not have their own private washer and dryer.

  • What happens if my washer/dryer breaks?

    All damage will be reported and we will use your backup linens for the incoming guests. It’s recommended to have a quality Handyman as a part of your vacation rental team to manage these situations swiftly.

Guest Services

  • Are you able to accommodate late check-out requests?

    Give us at least a 48hr heads up and try to accommodate your guest’s request. Although we cannot guarantee that we can honor a late-checkout, especially during peak season, we will do our best.

  • Are you able to accommodate early check-in requests?

    To avoid a rushed cleaning job, during peak season, we require the full turnover window to complete the cleaning. We are unable to allow early check-ins, during peak season, because the condition of the property will vary from guest-to-guest. Some cleanings may need extra time and attention.

  • What happens if a guest complains about the cleaning?

    If it’s within 24 hrs from their check-in time, then we are happy to return to the property to re-clean any/all areas of concern…no questions asked. If it’s outside the 24 hr check-in window, then it becomes difficult to confirm whether the items were missed from the cleaning or have become dirty during the guest's stay. Any reports past this timeframe, that requires our team to return, will be charged an additional fee.

  • Will you leave out items for incoming guests?

    Absolutely, this is no problem at all. Simply let us know what you would like us to stage for your incoming guests and keep these items stocked in your owner’s closet.

  • What if my guest requests an additional cleaning during their stay?

    Mid-stay cleanings are a great way to improve your guest’s vacation. Simply pass along our information to your guest and we would be happy to freshen up the property at a discounted rate.


  • What if my next guest is checking in on the same day the previous guest checked-out?

    Not a problem. We are pros at the back-to-back turnover :) However, we will need more than 48hrs notice to guarantee availability for a back-to-back cleaning.

  • How do I automate my booking schedule?

    This option is only available to hosts on Airbnb. If you operate through Airbnb, then follow the instructions on this link ( and then we will have access to your calendar to automatically schedule your cleanings.

    If you are not on Airbnb, then your calendar will have to be relayed to us manually via text, call, or email. We are working on a solution for this and will notify you if this changes.

    Clients will typically email us their known bookings at the beginning of the season and email any additional cleanings as they’re scheduled.

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