Vacation Rental Terms & Conditions

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Eloise Cleans Terms of Service


Eloise’s Cleaning require rentals to use a lockbox or electronic lock for access of the main entry of the unit. Please ensure cleaners have full access to the property on the day of your scheduled cleaning (this includes access to running water and electricity, being able to complete the job without interruption from other service providers in the home, and beloved pets are not in the way of the cleaning, etc). In the event they arrive for your scheduled cleaning and find themselves unable to access the home or unable to clean, you will be charged 50% of your scheduled service for the time and travel.

Additional Request

Eloise’s Cleaning cannot guarantee to complete any additional requests outside of our scope of work without 48 hours notice. If we are notified within that timeframe and have the capability of performing the request, then we will do our best to complete the task – additional fees may be assessed.


Eloise’s Cleaning does not clean any hazardous materials. This includes, but is not limited to: litter boxes, pet messes, bird guano, blood, feces, urine, and overflowed toilets. Cleaning body fluids (including that of our furry friends) requires special BBP certification, which we don’t currently carry.


Flat rate pricing includes everything on our Vacation Rental Checklist. Eloise’s Cleaning is happy to accommodate any specific needs outside the scope of the checklist – additional fees may apply.

Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleanings include everything on our Vacation Rental Deep Cleaning Checklist and are required at least once a year. Some areas of the property are unable or unnecessary to clean during a standard turnover cleaning. Areas that need special attention after a period of time: windows, baseboards, under furniture, etc. An annual or bi-annual Deep Cleaning keeps your property at a 5-star level of cleanliness.

Early Arrival

Guests will not be permitted to enter the property while Eloise’s Cleaning teams are still cleaning. If guest’s enter the property while we are still cleaning and it’s before check-in time, then Eloise’s Cleaning is not responsible for any cleaning quality complaints

Early Check-ins

To avoid a rushed cleaning job, during peak season, we require the full turnover window to complete the cleaning. We are unable to allow early check-ins, during peak season, because the condition of the property will vary from guest-to-guest. Some cleanings may need extra time and attention.

Heavy Duty Fee

In the case where the guests have left your property in an unreasonable condition, we do have to charge a fee for the extra time needed to bring your property back to our standards. This is for the rare occurrences where the guests have deliberately left the rental in poor condition. The fee amount is 50% of the original cleaning price. Pictures will be provided and any damage will be reported.

Late Cancellation

Cancellations require 48 hours advance notice to avoid a $50 cancellation fee. Please consider how late cancellations may negatively impact the cleaning professionals earning potential for the day. Without enough notice, it’s difficult for us to find replacement cleanings.

Late Checkout

We want to give your property the time and attention it deserves. Since each guest leaves the property in a different condition, the cleaning time may vary drastically. For these reasons, Eloise’s Cleaning requires at least 48 hours advance notice for late checkouts and cannot guarantee that the request will be accepted. We are unable to accommodate late check-outs for bookings where the next guests will be checking-in the same day of the cleaning.

If our team arrives to your property during the turn window and the guests have not checked out or are extending their stay without prior notification, then a $75.00 fee will be applied to the booking.

Long-Term Rental

A long-term rental is defined as any guest’s staying longer than 1 month at the property. A short-term rental is defined as any guest staying less than 1 month at a property. The longer a guest stays at a property increases the time and attention it will need to be cleaned properly.

Our flat-rate pricing is based on short-term rentals. Due to additional time needed to clean, a Deep Cleaning will be required for any guests staying longer than 1 month.

Long-Term Vacancy

All Vacation Rentals will be cleaned within 48 hours of the previous guest’s stay. This allows our teams to report any damage, turn off any electricity or water that may have been left on by guests, remove trash, etc. If a unit is vacant and has not been cleaned in 30+ days, then a Spruce Cleaning is highly recommended before the next guests check-in. Eloise’s Cleaning is not responsible for any complaints from guests who are checking-in to a unit that has been vacant/not cleaned in 30 days or more. Vacancies typically occur in the off-season.

Missed Items (within 24hrs of check-in)

Our cleaners follow a detailed checklist and perform walkthroughs after each unit is cleaned. However, there are times when a small area can be accidentally overlooked. When reported within 24 hours, we will be sure to schedule a return visit to fix the issue as soon as possible. We understand how important reviews are for your rental and how the cleanliness of your property holds a large value on your rating. That is why we take full responsibility for items missed and do our best to respond as quickly as possible (inside business hours).

Missed Items (outside 24hrs of check-in)

If there is a time when an item/area is missed during the turn cleaning, guests must report it within 24 hours of their arrival. It is difficult to confirm whether the items were missed from the cleaning or have become dirty during the guest’s stay. Any reports past this timeframe that requires our team to return will be charged 50% of the cleaning fee to fix.

Owner’s Closet

Hosts are responsible for fully stocking the owner’s closet with all essentials specific to their rental needs. Our team is not responsible for organizing, inventory, and/or items inside the owner’s closet.

Owner’s Closet Access

Lockbox or electronic keypad is recommended for accessing the owner’s closets. However, we do have a simple trick for key-only access. Book with us and we will share our secret 😉


To ensure that our team(s) can easily access your property and avoid any traffic violations, please provide specific parking instructions and/or passes for our teams on the day of your cleaning. If no parking information is provided or is inaccurate, then any fees, violations or tickets will be invoiced to the owner.

Restocking Items

Happy to take care of restocking any necessary items that you intend to leave out for your guests. We ask that you fully stock the ‘owners closet’ before peak season. Our team will let you know when items are running low.


Hosts are required to either:
A) synchronize their vacation rental calendar with our company or
B) provide detailed booking information for upcoming cleanings at least 48 hours prior to the next scheduled cleaning. Without 48 hours notice, we cannot guarantee a time-slot in our schedule to complete your cleaning.

Spruce Cleaning

This is a touch-up cleaning that is charged at 50% of the original rate. It allows our teams to freshen up your vacation rental so that your incoming guests don’t have any surprises. Highly recommend booking a Spruce Cleaning for any unit that has been vacant/not cleaned for 14+ days. Spruce Cleanings are required for units that have been vacant/not cleaned for 30+ days.