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Toilet Cleaning Tricks

Unleashing the cleaning power on your toilet bowl isn’t exactly a thrilling task. However, fear not! At Eloise’s Cleaning, we’ve perfected a method that will transform your porcelain throne into a regal haven. Prepare to discover the secrets of toilet cleaning with our Affordable Home Cleaning Options

Say goodbye to the dreaded chore as we unveil the tricks that will leave your toilet sparkling clean. Let’s dive in and conquer this cleaning challenge together!

Areas of concern:

  • Toilet Drain – If your toilet is flushing slower or weaker than normal than that is a tell-tale sign that it is time to plunge! Plunging your toilet will keep it working at full capacity and help keep your toilet clean.
  • Toilet Mold/Mildew – Mold/mildew is very common in the Wilmington area – especially in your toilet bowl. Living by the beach does have its negatives. Hard water and humidity, which increases the chance of mold/mildew, are some of them. Make sure to keep an eye out for mold and mildew to protect your toilet and your health.
  • Toilet Seat – If your husband or boys aren’t good at aiming, then you might have to pay special attention to this area of your toilet. Cleaning the top of the seat is a no-brainer, but make sure to lift the seat and get the bottom. This is a hot-spot for bacteria and other germs.
  • Inside the Toilet – This seems like the easiest part of cleaning your toilet. Just throw some toilet bowl cleaner in there, let is sit and then brush it out. Wrong! The toilet brush always neglects underneath the lip of the inside of the toilet. Grab a disposable sponge or rag, with gloves on, and scrub underneath the lip.

Unclogging your Toilet

Nobody likes this job. Especially if it happens when you are a guest in someone’s home. Either way, somebody’s gotta do it. Minor clogs are best removed by a ball-shaped plunger. More difficult clogs can be easily cleared with a snake. But, if those two items don’t work, then your best bet is to bring in a professional plumber.

Clean and Shiny ToiletToilet Bowl Stains

You know that pesky ring on the inside of your toilet where the water line stands? We call it the “ring-of-death.” You might be thinking: “How in the world do I remove that?” Well, we are here to help. The magic, non-toxic, no elbow-grease method is with a pumice stick. Just a few minutes lightly, scrubbing the affected area with a pumice stick or stone will erase the hard water stain.


It’s as simple as that. If you’re more interested in taking walks on the beach or doing anything else with your time, then please book a cleaning with Eloise. Our trustworthy cleaners would be happy to get your toilets clean while you relax.

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