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The Easiest Way To Clean Your Baseboards (No Bending Over Needed!)

Easiest Way To Clean Your Baseboards

Enhancing the allure of your living space, pristine baseboards exude a sense of cleanliness and order. Yet, all too often, these humble architectural details are overlooked in our cleaning routines. 

It’s no surprise that their accumulated grime goes unnoticed until we’re reaching for something nearby or discover their unsightly condition. Adding to the challenge, the conventional method of cleaning baseboards demands uncomfortable bending and kneeling. 

But fear not! With Home Cleaning Packages, we unveil a game-changing solution. Say goodbye to the hassle and discomfort as we reveal the easiest way to clean your baseboards without ever bending over. 

Do you want to skip all the hassle? Read on to learn how to clean your baseboards without bending over! 

How to clean your baseboards without kneeling

Surprising as it is, you can clean your baseboards from a suitable standing position. You can even be sitting—although you’ll have to carry your chair around—while doing it! Without further ado, here’s how you can do it, depending on your type of baseboard.

How to clean stained wood baseboards

Stained wood is a gorgeous and long-lasting material for your baseboards. However, it needs to be treated carefully to avoid damage. Maintain their finish by following these steps:

  1. Improvise a cleaning tool by wrapping a microfiber cloth over the broom head. Secure the cloth with a couple of rubber bands, then dust your baseboards with your new tool.
  2. Prepare a solution by mixing warm water, four tablespoons of dish soap, and one tablespoon of mineral oil. Then, soak your cleaning tool and remove the excess water—too much can damage the wood. Scrub your baseboards until no stains remain.
  3. As the final step, dampen a soft cloth with clean water and rinse the baseboards. Then, use another rag to buff the wood surface. The oily residue on your baseboards will protect the wood.

Pro tip: Although some sources claim that vegetable oil can protect the wood, it actually gets rancid as time passes. Sticking to mineral oil is your best option.

How to clean painted baseboards

The paint layer on painted baseboards protects them, so you won’t need to use oil this time. Also, you can use a bit more water in this method, as the risk of baseboards absorbing the moisture is low. These are the steps:

  1. First, dust the baseboards using your DIY tool (a microfiber cloth attached to the broom head) or a vacuum cleaner with a wand attachment.
  2. Make a solution of five parts warm water, one part vinegar, and a trickle of dish soap. Dampen your DIY cleaning tool and wring it. Then, wipe down your baseboards.
  3. If you have a degreaser at hand, you can spray it on any stubborn stains. This tip applies to kitchen baseboards too!
  4. Rinse and dampen your microfiber cloth with plain water and wipe the cleaning solution off your baseboards. Finally, use a clean, soft cloth to dry them.

Pro tip: After finishing, wipe your baseboards with dryer sheets. The coating will prevent dust from settling on them. 

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