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The 5 Best Types Of Cleaning Brushes And Their Uses

Eloise's Cleaning Services - The 5 Best Types Of Cleaning Brushes And Their Uses

Having the right brushes at home can be the difference between a well-executed thorough cleaning session and a superficial, unsatisfying scrubbing and dusting afternoon. Knowing the types of brushes for cleaning and its uses will reduce your stress and effort and also will give you better results. Don’t forget to add some of these brushes to your shopping list.

1. Deep Clean Brush 

When it comes to cleaning, sometimes the small tools are the most important. Having a deep clean brush will allow you to clean those narrow spots that resist your grab. This kind of device is especially suitable for stovetops, grout gaps in walls or floor drain, shower door tracks, and also for many fixtures and tight spaces. Check this product on Amazon that features a nylon wiper blade.

2. Bottle Scrub Brush Set 

The struggle is real when you have to clean your precious mug. A regular sponge can’t reach those unpleasant scraps on the bottom, and your cup is going to stay not-entirely clean, compromising the flavor of your coffee. For this purpose, a bottle scrub brush set is handy. Not only are your mugs are going to be entirely clean and free from unwanted waste, but also you can buy this set of brushes that come in many sizes. You could clean your stemware, crystal, bottles, straws, and lids.

3. Dusting Brushes 

Can you remember when you were a new home-owner or tenant, and you taught that you only needed a broom to clean? A couple of months had to pass for you to notice the gross amount of dust and dirt gathered in the windows trails, ceiling fans, blinds, and rafters. Then you realize that you needed a unique tool to get the job done. A hand brush broom or dusting brush is the basic but effective tool to get rid of tiny dust particles in your narrow spaces. Check out this product on Amazon.

4. Dryer Lint Brush 

Of all the uses of brushes, this may even save your life. A dryer lint brush is a thin, cylindrical brush is perfect for removing the buildup lint in your cloth dryer’s vent pipe. By doing this simple task, you’ll reduce fire risk at your home because lint is extremely flammable. Also, you can use the dryer lint brush to clean the pet hair and dust under your furniture. Buy this product here.

5. Double-sided Electronics Cleaning Brush 

Of course, not only do house items need cleaning. Your computer screen, keyboard, cell phone, and even camera lenses amass a considerable amount of dust and dirt that compromise their performance and also are bad for your health. Nowadays, you can find on the market many options that are affordable and well designed. Check out this electronics cleaning brush on Amazon.

Did you take notes? These brushes will ensure your next cleaning sessions to be successful and less tiresome. Don’t forget that, if you’re thinking about doing deep cleaning you home in time for spring cleaning, be sure to contact Eloise’s Cleaning Service.