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Moving In? 5 Tips To Clean Your New Home Flawlessly

Moving to a fresh spot is undeniably thrilling. But let’s be real, it can get a tad nerve-wracking, especially if you have zero experience on how to tackle the cleaning duties of a new place.

So, like, where on earth do you even begin? What should be on your cleaning radar? These might seem like head-scratchers at first, but don’t sweat it. We’ve got you covered with these five super handy tips we’ve prepared. Give them a look!

Tip #1. Assess your house cleaning needs

Before you roll up your sleeves and dive into cleaning your new house, it’s essential to assess your cleaning needs. Start by doing a tour through the house to create a checklist of areas that require your attention. Note down any visible dirt, dust, or grime, and prioritize cleaning tasks.

As you write down your list, think about the supplies you’ll need—cleaning agents, brushes, mops, and cloths—and write them too. A well-thought-out plan will make the cleaning process more efficient and organized.

Tip #2. Ventilate the area

After being closed up for some time, your new house might have developed stale odors. Ventilating the area is crucial to refresh the indoor air. Open windows and doors to let in fresh air, helping to eliminate any musty smells.

As you’ll want to leave your place as clean as possible, you might use a number of cleaning products—and the accumulation of chemical fumes can be risky. So, ventilating the house becomes even more important. Give maintenance to air ducts and air filters for maximum efficiency.

Tip #3. Clean your home before furnishing

Cleaning your new house is much easier before you start filling it with furniture and belongings. It provides you with more space to move around and reach every nook and cranny. Addressing cleaning tasks before furnishing ensures a thorough job, making your home truly clean and welcoming from the start.

Tip #4. Kick things off with the tough spots

Why not make the most of your energy and begin with a bit of a challenge? Typically, bathrooms and, in previously owned houses, kitchens tend to be the trickiest rooms to get sparkling, so they’re a solid place to start. If you’ve made a checklist, you can use it to guide you through!

Pro tip: If you’re tackling a house with multiple floors, take it one level at a time. It’ll save you from running up and down with your cleaning gear and save you some precious time.

Tip #5. Don’t forget to clean high-touch surfaces

Cleaning up light switches, doorknobs, and handles might seem like an odd chore when you move into a new spot. However, keep in mind that construction crews, real estate folks, and a bunch of other people have been in and out of your new place.

All these spots could be packed with all sorts of yucky stuff from all those hands-on interactions. Take a few moments to give them a good wipe-down with some disinfectant.

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Between everything you need to look for when moving, you might not have enough time for a proper cleaning. Trust our expert cleaners to clean every corner of your new place and leave it sparkling and ready for you to settle. Get an instant quote here!