How To Eliminate The Awful Odors Coming From Your Trash Can

How To Eliminate The Awful Odors Coming From Your Trash Can

Don’t let foul odors overpower your kitchen and dampen your cooking enthusiasm. The pungent stench of garbage lurking near your food can truly spoil the experience. But fret not, for we have the solution! 

Discover the secrets of banishing those dreadful smells from your trash can with the help of Residential Cleaning Solutions. Say goodbye to the uncertainty and reclaim a fresh and inviting kitchen. 

Get ready to regain your appetite and cook up a storm as we unveil the techniques to eliminate those offensive odors. Let’s dive in and restore the aromatic harmony of your home! 

First, wash your trash can

The most effective way to eliminate odors from a trash can is to wash it. You can do this simply by scrubbing with your everyday soap and water!

However, if you feel like that’s not going to be enough, here are two other options you can try to get rid of stubborn grime and leave your bin completely odorless:

Option 1. Vinegar 

Vinegar is a natural deodorizer that will remove the stuck-on grime from the spills in your trash can, leaving it odorless. 

To clean your bin using vinegar, fill the trash can with two gallons of water and two cups of white vinegar—if your trash can can’t contain all that water, just leave enough room to add vinegar. Then, add one tablespoon of dish soap and swish the mix around the can.

Scrub the bin with a long handle brush, let it sit for 30 minutes, and empty the bin. Lastly, rinse the can with water and leave it outside to dry.

Option 2. Chlorine bleach

Since germs are one of the main things that cause foul smells in your garbage, cleaning your trash can with bleach will eliminate all the odor-inducing bacteria!

Mix one cup of bleach with one gallon of water inside the bin and let it rest for half an hour. Then, grab a long-handle brush and scrub the can thoroughly to get all the dirt off.

Warning: Bleach is a powerful cleaner and can be harmful if not handled carefully. Remember to wear gloves and wash the trash can in a ventilated area throughout your cleaning.

Keep your trash can odorless for longer

Once you’re done cleaning, you can take extra measures to ensure your trash can remains odor-free until the next time you need to wash it again. Check out these easy tricks:

Trick #1. Deodorize your trash can

Some of the best deodorizers out there might already be at home. For example, you can pour baking soda or kitty litter at the bottom of the can or place a few dryer sheets before replacing the bag. 

You can also use coffee grounds, place a couple of cotton balls infused with essential oils, or opt for vanilla extract for a softer scent—there are plenty of cost-effective deodorizers at home! 

Trick #2. Keep the trash bag closed

It’s a simple trick but very effective! Keep your bags closed or the trash can lids on! Doing this will keep the smells trapped inside the bin until it’s time to take out the trash.

Trick #3. Don’t forget to take out the trash often

If you take out the trash regularly—once or twice a week—the smells won’t have time to get impregnated in your house. 

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