How To Effectively Clean Your Refrigerator With Vinegar

Fridges are meant to store our food and to keep it fresh. We constantly put things in and take some out, and one day you realize the handle is sticky, the shelves are stained, and a funny smell flows in the air every time you open it. Don’t panic! It happens more often than you think.

Luckily, deep cleaning a fridge isn’t very difficult. Here is a step-by-step on how to use vinegar to clean your fridge.

Step #1. Clear your fridge

First things first: Remove everything from your fridge. Take off all the magnets and notes on the outside, and remove the food on the inside.

You don’t need to unplug your fridge, but doing so will save energy and allow you to clean comfortably. Also, make sure you store the food in a cooler to prevent any spoiling.

Step #2. Mix water and vinegar

Once everything is out of the way, it’s time to get mixing. Get a bowl and mix equal parts of white vinegar and water. You can also use a spray bottle for a less messy application.

Additionally, if you want the mix to be a little stronger, you can add 2 to 3 tablespoons of baking soda to the mixture.

Step #3. Get cleaning

For the outside, spray directly or soak a sponge on the mixture and wipe the entire surface. Don’t forget the handles, edges, and the top of the fridge. Let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes before wiping it with a clean cloth. You can repeat this step if necessary.

As for the inside, remove the shelvings and do the same, making sure the walls and inside of the door are fully covered. Wipe with a clean cloth and repeat if necessary. Work your way from top to bottom and try using a small toothbrush to reach smaller gaps, ensuring you don’t miss any spots.

Step #4. Don’t forget the shelves

For the shelves and all other removable parts, get a clean cloth and soak it in the mixture. Wring out the excess and wipe each shelf. Rinse and repeat if necessary.

If you feel like vinegar is not ideal, you can opt to wash them with soapy water. Take one shelf at a time and scrub in your sink using a squeeze of dish soap and a kitchen sponge. Rinse with warm water and repeat if necessary. Make sure the shelves are no longer cold before applying hot water, as it may cause damage due to the sudden change in temperature.

Step #5. Dry everything

Once you’re done, wipe everything dry, from the exterior to the interior and the shelving. Lay the shelves on a clean towel and allow them to air dry before putting them back. You also want to leave the door open until the interior is fully dry.

And you’re done! All that’s left to do is place your food back in and stick your magnets on the doors.

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