Although unpleasant, cleaning your toilet is necessary. And everything becomes worse when there are stubborn stains that don’t come off even though you scrub over and over. In this category, you’ll find hard water stains. 

Those brownish streaks in your toilet bowl are mineral buildup from tap water. Don’t think it’s your fault; hard water stains are prone to appear wherever water runs through.

But beyond looks, removing mineral buildup is crucial because it can damage your toilet. Luckily, there is a way to get rid of those troublesome stains. 

Read on to learn the best method!

How to remove hard water stains from your toilet

Magnesium, calcium, and iron are the minerals causing the buildup in your toilet. They are hard to clean because of their chemical composition, as they lessen the effects of cleaning products.

You may think you need harsh cleaning products to eliminate the stains, but you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to remove the buildup with natural products.

Step #1. Start with vinegar

Pour a cup of vinegar directly onto the stains. To make sure you cover every surface necessary, spread the vinegar around with a toilet brush. Let it take effect for 10 minutes.

Step #2. Add baking soda

Add one cup of baking soda to the toilet bowl and one or two more cups of vinegar. The solution will start to fizz—let it do its thing for a few minutes.

Step #3. Remove the stains

Swish the fizzy water with a toilet brush, scrubbing all the stains in the way—focus on the ones above the water line. Then, let the solution settle to see if you missed any spot. Repeat this process as necessary during the next 30 minutes. Finally, flush the toilet to rinse the mix.

Extra step: try a pumice stone

A pumice stone will solve your problems if you notice any remaining stains after finishing with the vinegar and baking soda. Put on your rubber gloves and wet the stone and the surface you’ll scrub to avoid scratches.

The pumice stone will leave traces that, when combined with water, will form a paste—it will help you remove the stains. Rinse regularly to check if the stains are gone.

How to prevent mineral buildup

You can reduce the number of minerals in hard water by installing a water softener. The filter will reduce the amount of calcium and magnesium ions in water, replacing them with sodium ones, thus lowering the chances of buildup.

If you prefer to avoid buying expensive products, you can scrub your toilet thoroughly every few days to stop the minerals from settling on the bowl surface. Since mineral buildup hardens over time, regular cleaning is the best way to keep your toilet stain-free!

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