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7 Tips for Creating Your New Year’s Resolutions and Keeping Them!

New year, new me. Most people would make a fuss about their New Year’s resolutions, only to be disappointed when they consistently break them. It’s the most frustrating feeling. According to research, about 60% of people make them, and half of those people don’t keep them longer than a few months. If you want to break the chain, start with these smart tips for making better resolutions you can stick to.

Here are seven tips to make new year’s resolutions and keeping them!

Make smaller resolutions.

Spend less, workout more, and get promoted—these are some of the top New Year’s resolutions that people do. These are all great aspirations, but you should not create a goal that big because it sets you up for failure.

The first key to victory is zeroing in on one target, not three. Then do a quick reality check. Look at the level of dedication it will need to accomplish and consider if you’ll be able to match it. For example, are you going to be able to swear off chocolate completely? Most certainly not, so limiting your cravings to a few times a week would be much more achievable.

Get specific with your goals.

“Save money” is another good goal. But how? And how much? Without some specific parameters, your best intentions can get lost in the shuffle. So be specific! The more accurate you can be, the easier it is to stay focused on what you have to do to succeed. Setting small and particular goals also keep you encouraged along the way—each time you meet one, you have reason to celebrate your progress.

List down your goals.

If you write them down, there’s a much higher chance of accomplishing your goals, and you’ll feel a greater sense of accountability.  You can post them on your fridge, write them down in your journal or write them on your bathroom’s mirror. With the help of journaling, it can also help you reflect on your progress. Be creative on your New Year’s resolutions!

Plan your follow through.

Having a resolution isn’t just one of the items on your to-do list. At first, it seems exciting, so you were inspired to make time for it, but this feeling may wear off. Plan it out. Create a schedule for your yoga sessions, or set up a budget if you don’t want to overspend. Planning it out will surely help you to achieve your goals and not waiver.

Check in with yourself regularly.

Reevaluating your goals throughout the weeks and months is essential. Once you notice that you’re making changes, you may find your original intent was a little nonsensical. Instead feel free to tweak the goal as you see fit.  Look at your lifestyle and change your goals to make sure they work to fit in. You can share it with the person that you’re sharing accountability with, or you can write it down.

It’s OK to screw up.

You overspend or forgot to exercise this morning? It’s OK! If you’ve wavered, know that you’re in excellent company. Don’t forget that having a lapse is common. What matters is how you handle it; there are those who feel guilty over their misstep, and then those who acknowledge it but gets back on track. One setback shouldn’t ruin all your efforts. Instead of sulking, you should figure out how to prevent it from happening again.

Believe in yourself.

Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right. People say that they want to resolve, but they don’t believe that they can accomplish it. If you know you’re capable of making a change, then accept it wholeheartedly. If not, you should rethink how you can phrase or reformat your resolution to be something that you’re confident you can achieve. The most important tip is to believe in yourself. You’re doing these goals for yourself because you want to make a change, so believe in yourself.

When you attain your goal, it’s time to celebrate, but it’s also time to stick with them moving forward. Achieving better eating habits, a healthy weight, or getting into a fitness routine are all worth clinging onto for more than just the year. Use your feeling of accomplishment to further fuel your goals so that you can keep feeling good—and proud of how you’ve bettered yourself—for years to come.  Let the professionals make your home the better version of itself. Hire the cleaning experts for a spotless house!