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6 Of The Easiest Ways To Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas

6 Of The Easiest Ways To Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas

During the holidays you’ll find Christmas vibes everywhere, like people dressed up in green, red, and white; groups singing carols, holiday decorations, and lots of presents to buy. But sometimes we struggle to have those holiday vibes in our home. Let’s make the house smell like Christmas! Keep reading to discover the easiest ways to fill up your home with the traditional scents of the holidays.

Simmering Christmas pot

How to make a house smell like the holidays? A good idea is to simmer a pot with delicious holiday ingredients like cinnamon, oranges, ginger, and cardamon. Just put your favorite Christmas scents and spices in a bowl, fill it with water, and put it to simmer in the back of your stove. Soon your house will smell so festive that you end up listening to carols.

DIY lavender rosemary candles

Feeling crafty? Use that energy to make some chic homemade candles with your favorite scents. The required items are wicks, soy flakes, lavender and rosemary essential oils, and some jars. The end result will be a cute set of candles that you can decorate with pine spikes and ribbons. Light up a candle and let the smell permeate your home.

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Centuries ago, royalty used pomanders to keep themselves smelling good. Nowadays, this trick is often used to give homes a homemade touch and a festive smell. You only need some oranges, acorns, and cloves. You’ll need to pierce your orange with cloves to let the holiday smells out. Put your pomander in a nice spot in your home and decorate it with cute red ribbons.

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Fresh sage wreath

If you can get the right amount of fresh sage, then you have in your hands your next Christmas wreath and a pretty smell spreader. It’s remarkably easy to make! Perhaps you’ll like it so much that you begin to garden your own sage for next year. When you finish creating your wreath, put it in your interior door or window frame.

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Mulled wine

One of the easiest ways to make your house smell like Christmas is to turn on your stove and start cooking. But, if you don’t consider yourself a chef or simply you love wine, this recipe is the right call. Mulled wine is a delicious holiday tradition that anyone can do. All you need is a pot, wine, sugar, clementines, and your favorite spices. Put everything to heat slowly and let your kitchen fill up with Christmas scent. Of course, you’ll drink the wine later!

Holiday spiced pears

Your oven is waiting for you to cook this recipe! Bring out your inner chef and prepare these spiced pears that will spread the Christmas scents all over your house. You’ll need ripe pears, cranberries, rinsed lemons, sugar, cider vinegar, cinnamon, and cloves. When you’ll finish, not only your kitchen will be aromatized, but everyone will want to taste your newly prepared dish.

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There you have it! Easy ways to make your house smell like Christmas. You’ll feel merrier in no time! But there’s no better moment to scent your house that after a deep cleaning session. If you need help with your cleaning chores, contact us, and we’ll give you a quotation.