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The Vacation Rental Cleaning Checklist

Managing a vacation rental is difficult. From hosting new guests every week to dealing with vendors – the life of an Airbnb host is tough.

In order to save time, you’re going to want to get your rental cleaned professionally. But, for those of you willing to get your hands dirty and trying to save some money, we have designed a checklist to improve your efficiency.


As always, make sure you have the proper cleaning supplies and safety equipment before tackling your recent guest’s mess. Always start in each room working from top to bottom, left to right. This method ensures that you do not make a mess on items you have already cleaned and is the most efficient. We’ve made sure to cover each area of the home you’ll need to address.


This is where all of Eloise’s cleaning professionals like to begin. It’s usually the messiest part of the home and it feels good to knock out the hardest areas first.

  1. Clean Inside and Outside of Cabinets
  2. Clean Inside and Outside of Fridge
  3. Clean Out the Microwave (wash the glass plate inside)
  4. Wipe Down Counters and Stove top
  5. Clean the Oven (place foil on the bottom to speed-up cleaning the next time)
  6. Wipe Down the Inside and Outside of Drawers
  7. Clean the Sink
  8. Sweep and Mop the Floors


Place a piece of aluminum foil in the bottom of the oven to speed up the next cleaning.

Be sure to remove the K-cup out of the Keurig. It’s a commonly missed item.

Use an oil-based stainless steel product to make your appliances extra shiny.


These areas of the house or condo will definitely require the most elbow grease. Follow these steps to make sure your rental property is nice and clean.

  1. Wipe down the light fixtures above the sink
  2. Shine the mirror to get those hard-water spots
  3. Scrub the sink and wipe down the vanity (clean all that toothpaste out of there)
  4. Clean out the cabinets and organize all the essentials
  5. Follow our shower cleaning guide
  6. Check out our toilet tips to get the toilet up to its porcelain throne standard
  7. Sweep and mop the floors

Almost done guys! The rest is easy-peasy.


Wipe off the sweat from your brow and give yourself a pat on the back – you’re almost finished. This is the easiest part of turn cleaning your rental.

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  1. Wipe down all horizontal surfaces
  2. Dust the blinds and be sure to get that ceiling fan
  3. Vacuum the carpet or sweep the floors
  4. Wipe down all baseboards
  5. Make the bed
  6. Be sure everything is neat and organized
  7. Mop the floors (if hard flooring)

Place a mint on your guest’s pillow. You’ll definitely get a 5-star review. – Eloise

All Other Areas

The only areas left are the living rooms and dining rooms.

  1. Wipe down all horizontal surfaces
  2. Dust the blinds and ceiling fans
  3. Clean the baseboards
  4. Organize all decor
  5. Sweep or vacuum
  6. Mop (if hard flooring)


We hope that this will help you manage your property and turn your properties more efficiently. We’re happy to share our special cleaning turn list with you to increase your productivity. If you have too many properties to manage and need a professional cleaning service to make this process hassle-free, please book our service today.

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