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Top 3 Spring Cleaning and Organizing Tips for your Bedroom

Spring Cleaning and Organizing

Finally, the cold-snap is over! The mercury finally rose past the 70 degree marker. It’s time to break out the sunscreen and bathing suits. But before you can get out and enjoy the warm weather your home needs some attention after hibernating in it the entire winter. Let’s focus on the most important room in the house – the bedroom.

Here are 3 tips that will keep your bedroom clean and organized for the rest of the year.

1. Develop a Routine

Navy Seal Admiral McRaven discusses the importance of having a routine in his book: Make Your Bed .This simple routine is responsible for setting the precedent for the rest of your day. Simple, daily cleaning and organizing routines will keep your room spotless.

Here’s our AM routine:

  1. Make bed
  2. Pick-up unwanted items off the floor
  3. Clean and declutter nightstand/dresser

2. One Thing at a Time

Are you able to get deep work done while being bombarded by email chimes and imessages? How efficient are you when bouncing back and forth between your overdue paper and conversations about your summer vacation plans? It’s impossible to complete a task while distracted.

The same principle can be applied to spring cleaning and organizing your bedroom. Bouncing between cleaning your baseboards and organizing your closet space will slow you down dramatically. This only leads to frustration. Our advice: tackle one item at a time.

Here’s a simple order of operations that will make Spring Cleaning your bedroom as efficient as possible.

  1. Always clean from top to bottom and work clockwise around your room.
  2. Remove any hanging drapes, curtains, shower curtains, etc., and place in the washing machine if they are washable.  Dry on a low heat setting, remove before they are completely dry and re-hang.
  3. Wash all pillows.
  4. Rotate/flip mattress.
  5. Dust from the top down – ceilings, ceiling fans, and corners are first.  Dust walls if you need to.  Then move to dusting flat surfaces.
  6. Vacuum or wash vents.
  7. Vacuum corners and baseboards.
  8. Wash baseboards.
  9. Touch-up walls, doors, and baseboards with a magic eraser.
  10. Vacuum floors or mop floors.

Quick Tip: Use a lint roller to clean your lampshades

3. Donation Basket

Don’t let old, unused clothes and miscellaneous items clutter your bedroom. Place a basket in your bedroom closet for clothes that no longer fit anymore and other unwanted items. Every month, take this basket to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army and donate it.

This simple idea will give you a monthly tax write-off, mitigate against clutter, and provide those in need with valuable necessities.


Your bedroom is the most used room in your house. Why not spend a little extra time everyday to keep it clean and orderly? Practice these 3 simple tasks to maintain a bedroom that inspires relaxation and peace. Thanks to our friends over at JAM Organizing for helping us come up with these points. Enjoy your new, fresh bedroom!