Most homeowners currently hiring services started like this: first, they realized they needed help with the chores. Then, they found out that there are many types of cleaning services. 

That’s right; you can hire a full-time live-in maid, a housekeeper, or an hourly service cleaning company. However, the most popular types of cleaning services are almost the same. On one side, you have independent cleaning contractors; on the other, cleaning companies. 

Should you care if your maid works solo or is part of a bigger company? Short answer: yes! And you can learn why here.

Independent cleaners

Independent cleaners are mostly solo contractors working on a direct agreement with the homeowners. The costs, tasks performed, and work hours are defined by both the maid and homeowner at the beginning of the contractor/client relationship.

Cleaning companies

On the other hand, cleaning companies standardize their procedures and costs. If a company is nationwide, its policies and practices are likely the same in every location. Employees in a cleaning company perform the cleanings, but they are hired and trained by the company.

Cleaning company vs. independent contractor: Key differences!

When homeowners see a cleaner working, they won’t even notice if they are independent contractors or full-time employees. However, some key differences can help you pick a service that fits your needs. 

1. Legal obligations

If the cleaner works for a cleaning company, the company is responsible for all their worker obligations (insurance, workers compensation, taxes, vacation leaves, etc.) However, legal responsibilities are much more complex for independent cleaners.

In theory, a contractor is responsible for their taxes and insurance. However, the IRS could determine that they are your employees under certain circumstances. The same could happen with insurance and workers’ comp!

2. Flexibility

Cleaning companies tend to predefine and standardize their cleaning services, while independent contractors are more flexible. For example, many contractors also perform errands, decluttering, babysitting, and other housekeeping chores. 

However, this is not a strict rule. Flexibility varies from contractor to contractor, and you can find flexible cleaning companies with personalized services! 

3. Availability

One of the major benefits of cleaning companies is availability. If your cleaner went on vacation leave, is sick, or left the company, they will send another cleaner. However, with independent contractors, your service depends entirely on their schedule.

4. Trustworthiness and reliability

Cleaning companies are supposed to assess and ensure their employees are trustworthy. Most cleaning companies are accountable for what their cleaners do. 

On the other hand, you are the person assessing independent cleaners! You could skip the interview and background check, but it could end up in a bitter surprise.

5. Prices

Cleaning companies tend to charge more per hour due to overhead costs. However, if you are on a budget, you must consider all the previous differences before choosing. 

Picking an independent cleaner for rates alone can be a costly mistake. For example, cleaning companies can send more than one cleaner to your home—tackling the project in less time.

Eloise’s Cleaning Services: the best of both worlds!

Eloise’s Cleaning Services is trustworthy and committed to quality, but that doesn’t mean our prices are high up to the sky! We are a local cleaning company, and we love cleaning our community. Learn more about our residential cleaning services here.