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4 Ways a Cleaning Service Can Automate Your Vacation Rental


Finding a dependable, high-quality cleaning service can be difficult. Between the large, impersonal companies and the uninsured weekend warriors – searching for the right fit for your rental might seem impossible. The 4 benefits below prove that it is well-worth the effort.

4 Ways cleaning services can make or break your vacation rental:

1. 5-Star Reviews

Having positive social proof is the key to owning a successful vacation rental. Receiving negative reviews for the cleanliness of your home or rental can cost you thousands of dollars in missed bookings.

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  • BAD SERVICE: Worried about efficiency over quality, which leads to missing detailed items like sand in the pull-out couch, leaving a front loader closed (which will lead to mildew) or a toilet seat left uncleaned. These overlooked details can lead to a negative review on your vacation rental.
  • GREAT SERVICE: Spends extra time cleaning the areas that are not so obvious. Checks the shower curtain for mold and replaces it when necessary.Removes the often-forgotten K-cup out of the Keurig. Leaves the home smelling fresh so the guests feel clean when they walk in. These minor details will encourage your guests to leave great reviews on your rentals cleanliness.


2. Eyes and Ears

Like most vacation rentals, the owners live far away from their property. If that’s you, then you need a good cleaning service that can inform you of any issues that could cause your property harm.

  • BAD SERVICE: Completes the cleaning before checking the condition of the rental. Failure to do a pre-cleaning inspection will lead to un-reported damaged and surprises that you will have to deal with at the end of the season.
  • GREAT SERVICE: Does a thorough walk-through after each guest checks out. When cleaning a home weekly, it is very easy to notice when something is out of the ordinary. Notifying you, the owner, immediately of missing items, damages or suspicious activity will protect your property.

3. Communicates Promptly

A major stress factor when managing a vacation rental is knowing your cleaner’s progress. Juggling guests who want to check-in early or check-out late can be a nightmare if your maid service is slow to respond.Maid Service

  • BAD SERVICE: Does a great job cleaning, but never informs you of their status. Slow to respond to last minute requests. In these situations, guests have to wait for the cleaning to be completed before they can unwind from their long commute.
  • GREAT SERVICE: Sends reminders a day before the cleaning, notifies you before beginning the cleaning and then follows up post-clean. Responds rapidly to last-minute changes or special requests so that your guests can have the satisfaction of an early check-in.

4. More than a Cleaner

Sometimes you will need additional services in order for your vacation rental to run smoothly. Ensuring your maid service provides additional services can save you a ton of time and mileage in your car.  

  • BAD SERVICE: Does not go above and beyond. Just cleans the residence and moves on. Has no connections with a local handyman or other important home services.
  • GREAT SERVICE: Replaces necessities like light bulbs and batteries. Replaces common household items, such as toilet paper, paper towels and common cooking supplies. Acts as a concierge service or substitute for deliveries or repairs completed at the home. Refers other good, local services.


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Avoid the pain of hiring a property management company that charges hefty fees. Hire a great local cleaning service with the experience and capability to manage your beach rental. With Eloise’s Cleaning Service, we guarantee to provide all four of the “Great Service” points above.

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