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5 Great Tips for Remodeling Your Kitchen on a Budget

Kitchens are notoriously one of the more costly parts of the house to remodel, with many problems along the way that can potentially inflate its cost by a lot. So doing so on a budget might sound like a pipe dream for most people. Luckily, there are a couple of nifty little tips and tricks to complete your project and get your dream kitchen without inflating your prices to a ridiculous level.

These smart tips are quick to implement, easy to follow, and more importantly, pretty affordable as well, which makes them perfect for a kitchen remodel on a budget. The best part is that, useful as they are on their own, you don’t have to follow each and every one of them to the letter; it’s best that you mix-and-match the ones that you think suit your situation the best, and modify them as you see fit. Without further ado, let’s see how to get that dream kitchen!

Refresh instead of remodeling your kitchen

Without getting too much into the semantics of the issue, do something that will surely keep your budget down, since a whole new kitchen will inevitably be expensive. Instead of tearing out and replacing your cabinets out, try repainting them, or add new wood to their surfaces to give a fresh appearance without sacrificing the existing structure. This means that you can still replace the doors and drawer fronts but won’t pay so much for it. You can do the same for your counter, and if you have them custom made, installing them yourself will help keep costs down.

Keep the layout as it is

A big part of the cost of remodeling your kitchen comes from moving the gas and water lines around when the layout is changed. Of course, no contractor will speak against it because of all the work it brings to them, but you can really save some money if you maintain the same structure, especially the sink and stove, and avoid spending too much on plumbing services. Electrical outlets will do the same to your budget, so avoid moving big appliances around, such as dishwashers, fridges, or garbage disposals. If that doesn’t convince you, then think about the price of redoing the drywall on top of the electrician costs.

Invest in lighting

Adding more and better lights into your kitchen is always a smart move in any remodeling project since it looks stylish and changes the overall mood of the room in a second. Even if you’re not going ahead with a top-to-bottom renovation, a few lights under the cabinets, some bright overhead lamps, and a focused light over the stove will make your kitchen look way more stylish. Keeping it simple with lighting won’t overeat into your budget, and you can leave it at that for the time being.

Embrace remnants and damaged materials

Installing a granite counter without destroying your budget is entirely possible, provided that you know where to get it at a low price. A supply yard will usually offer their remnants at a discount, which means you’re likely to get a better deal. As for your own remnants of other materials, you can cobble together more than a few kitchens features out of them to further save up on costs. Finally, check around the area for reuse places where contractors and builders sell their overstock; if you don’t mind a few dents or scratches, you’re bound to find some amazing deals out of it, such as brand new ovens or other appliances at a fraction of the price.

Go DIY at your own pace

Labor is costly, and good labor is even more so, but with good reason; a botched kitchen renovation will surely end up costing you a lot more than you thought in repairs. But you can still find a way around those costs if you’re willing to learn a lot, be patient, and practice before doing things. By learning how to do most of your own renovations, you can go so far as to halve your original budget, particularly when it’s mostly things that don’t require specialized knowledge or skills.

If you’re planning to update an old kitchen on a budget, take a look at these tips and look for other areas where you can save up big without risking the quality of the final result. Remember that if you’re going DIY on the project, you’ll need to clear a few permits if you want to change the plumbing and electrical structure of the house around, so be really careful, and good luck!
And after any renovation, remodeling or construction job, you’ll need to clean up, and in ways that might not be as simple or straight-forward as everyday cleaning. Hire a professional crew for a special deep cleaning and you’ll be all set to try out your new kitchen!