2 Tried-and-true Methods To Clean Your Blinds

Blinds are essential for adding privacy and letting you control the natural light in your home, all while looking great. However, blinds can get dirty easily, sticking out (in a bad way) on your walls. 

The good news is, stopping this issue is easier than you might think! Here are two methods to clean and restore your blinds’ good looks.

Pro tip: skip the sticky products

While you may be inclined at first to just pick any store-bought cleaner for this task, you must realize that many of these products can leave sticky residue behind, which makes your blinds prone to catch more dust and grime.

So, for this task, sticking to classics such as dish soap and vinegar works best.

How to easily clean your blinds (without taking them down)

If you’re looking for a quick and effortless way to clean your blinds, this is it! You can even do it with the blinds still on your windows. 

Step 1. Get the dust off your blinds

Cleaning blinds is really simple when you don’t have to remove them. You only need a microfiber cloth or vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. Dust from side to side or top to bottom (depending if your blinds are horizontal or vertical).

Note: Do this step when the blinds are open to get full access to the slate. You won’t miss a spot this way!

Step 2. Clean the stains on the slates

While sometimes all the blinds need is a good dusting, they can benefit from wiping, too, especially if some stained spots remain.

Since blinds are all different, knowing what they’re made of is essential when deciding what to clean them with. For example, a simple solution of equal parts water and white vinegar works for plastic or aluminum blinds. On the other hand, for wood blinds, soapy water works best.

Step 3. Dry the blinds

Once you’re done cleaning the stains, use a microfiber cloth to dry them. Just run them side to side. Compared to air drying, choosing a cloth is faster and will stop any dust particles from sticking to the surface of the blinds.

How to deep clean your blinds

Leaving your blinds completely spotless requires more work than quick dusting and wiping. So, to thoroughly clean them, follow these steps:

Step 1. Take off the blinds

Firstly, taking off the blinds is essential for cleaning them completely. Since different types of blinds come off in different ways, you can use this small guide to help you remove the most common ones: 3 ways to remove blinds.

Step 2. Soak the blinds

Now, to actually start cleaning, fill a bathtub with warm water, a few splashes of dish soap, and a cup of baking soda (a natural stain remover). Then, place the blinds into the water and leave them soaking for twenty minutes to an hour—depending on how dirty they are.

Warning: Depending on the material of your blinds, they may not withstand water for too long, so it’s important to check the manufacturer’s instructions before this part process.

Step 3. Rinse and dry the blinds

After the time’s passed, take out the blinds and empty the bathtub. Then, use clean, warm water to rinse them. Finally, dry the blinds with a microfiber cloth. That’s it! Your blinds should now be spotless and ready to go back to cover your windows.

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